MEET & GREET 2/6/2020

January 11, 2020

Have you always wanted to see what derby was all about but didn’t know where to start? Wanted to skate, maybe ref or just hang out with a great group of women! Now is your chance to get to know what the Electric City Roller Grrrlz are all about! CLICK HERE FOR OUR EVENT PAGE


After the Fall: Becoming a Derby Grrrl

May 22, 2019

Written by Geralyn aka Stitch Witch “I felt like a giraffe on wheels, tall and awkward.” Many weekends of my adolescence were spent at the roller rink. The smell of popcorn, the disco light, trying to do the limbo and falling, racing my dad, making a conga line with my family, my shy excitement when a cute boy asked me to skate with him during couples’ skate. Many memories were…



December 7, 2018

Roller Derby Boot Camp is right around the corner! Get some edge on the other skaters and learn how to skate EVERY SATURDAY for FREE! This event is offered through Wheels of Thunder for all skaters and ages for FREE! Dust off those skates and give it a whirl. Haven’t skated before or in a long time? This is the perfect opportunity to get your skate legs under you!